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A lot of people ask “What’s your Why?”, but no one really shares how they got to that “Why”. I explicitly remember the exact moment that set me on my journey to one day starting this business, for this website, that you’re reading right now.

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I’m going to take you back in time to when I was 15 years old. As a sophomore in high school, I met the man that is now my husband.

We started dating our junior year when we were both 16 years old. We were that couple in high school. We were inseparable. So inseparable in fact, that I moved in with him (at his moms house) shortly after I turned 18.

There’s actually another huge story connected to why I moved in with him and his mom during my senior year of high school, but that’s for another post, another video, on another day.

Before graduating high school, my then boyfriend/now husband enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a Seabee. He didn’t join right after graduating. Instead, he waited till after Christmas that year to go to bootcamp. Before he left for bootcamp, we moved out of his moms and got our own place (with roommates). I originally thought I was going to join the military with him, but I was 20lbs over weight and they wouldn’t take me until I lost the weight.

We did discuss getting married before he left for bootcamp. No one really supported us in our relationship. At least, they didn’t want us getting married. They kept telling us we were too young (we didn’t listen). We ended up not getting married before he joined bootcamp.

While he was gone, I had a lot of alone time. It was the first time that I had been alone in years. I ended up watching a lot of tv shows that Jacob liked; It wasn’t that I didn’t like those shows, but that they were Jacob’s shows. I was sad, I missed him, and I was mopey.

One one particularly mopey afternoon, I decided to view my horoscope on the tv. For whatever reason, or maybe divine intervention, I got the most direct and bazaar horoscope I’ve ever received. And this happened after a 5ish minute glitch too. I was about to unplug the tv box before it finally “decided” to work. I wish that I could remember what the horoscope said verbatim, but that horoscope told me something super important that day.

That horoscope told me that I needed to support someone very important in my life in their endeavors, but that I needed to find a path of my own. That horoscope told me that I needed to let the military be Jacob’s thing, and that whatever my path would be… my path would allow me to find fulfillment and provide for myself (and us) while going anywhere, geographically, that Jacob’s career would take him.

I know it’s crazy. People shouldn’t make life directions or big decisions based off of a horoscope, but I needed the message that horoscope gave me. From that moment on, I knew that whatever I decided to do, it had to be something that allowed me to work anywhere in the world.

Every story has to start somewhere. This was my start. This was the beginning, little did I know, to my work from home journey that has now led me to Work from Haus.

Do you remember the pinnacle moment that led you to your why?