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I reorganized and designed my new home office to help me become a better publisher of content for my business. December 28th, 2017, I went from being a wantrepreneur to a entrepreneur. I exited analysis by paralysis and I took action. Reorganizing my home office is just one of the ways I’ve helped myself become better with my business.

By January 15th, 2018, I had powered through hours and hours of Stefan James’ Affiliate Marketing Mastery course and trying to figure out what my niche would be. During one of the training videos, I had a breakthrough and realized that the only thing I can talk about, share about, put my face in front of and build a brand around is the niche of working from home.

From January 15th to now (February 11th, 2018), I’ve hired a video editor, created a youtube and blog schedule, flushed out what I actually want to talk about, and I have so much content I want to share. To do that, I needed to update my home office arrangement. I needed a place to be able to film for my youtube channel and a designated space that I could enjoy and power out work every day.

My office situation before today was pretty good before… when I wasn’t planning on putting my face in front of a camera.

I’ve had this layout for a couple of years now. I purchased the desk legs from StandDesk. I would have purchased the table tops, but I needed both desks, side by side, to fit my old office wall in a different room in my house in 2015. Their table tops were simply too big. I also decided to splurge a bit before buying my house and got a Herman Miller Sayl Chair. For my first job out of college, every desk had those sayl chairs. I sat in those things for 6-8 hours a day. If those chairs could stand up against that abuse, I knew that there was no better chair to have at my home office. My last purchase was the grey mini-sofa with a pullout twin sleeper bed that I got from Laz-Y-Boy. I wanted every room in my house to function as a guest bedroom when necessary. It’s super comfortable to boot.

When I decided to create Work from Haus and to create youtube videos 3 days a week, I purchased some lighting equipment from Amazon. The first is the Craphy Photography Studio Soft Box Lights and the second is the Neewer 14-inch LED Ring Light. This way, I wasn’t left to the mercy of natural lighting.

With everything rearranged, here is my new layout with all of my stuff.

I still have the grey chair, but it’s currently covered with stuff that I don’t have a home for yet. I think my favorite addition is the 4 KLUDD Glass Noticeboards. When I’ve been listening to any one of Stefan James courses or to any number of videos on Mentor Box, I wipe down all of notes from the boards and just write. I write and I write and, in one of my writing sessions, that’s how I came up with this website, Work from Haus.

After all of these years of working from home, I can’t imagine ever going back to a traditional 9 to 5 jobs. Not everyone can splurge on a home office. Not everyone has the space for it. For me, having a home office meant that I could never go back. It meant I was setting myself up for success. I meant that a messy house and puking cats and my husband taking the day off wasn’t going to distract me from getting my job done.

I hope you like my home office. It’s ground zero for me creating all that I will be creating for you. I’d love it if you shared this as your home office inspiration!

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